Returns Program

Sometimes products need to be returned.

We make it easy to return your product. 


Dead on Arrival: 

We're sorry to hear that your product is Dead on Arrival. This doesn't happen often, but if it has, you are eligible for an automatic return within 30 days without any problems. Call us at 404-704-0444 to get it fixed! In the case that Spectracom Group will provide the UPS shipping label for the return.  If the product is tested and it works, we will ship it back and ask for $50/shipping and testing fee. 

If your product stops working:

  • If your product has stopped working and it is within a year of the date of purchase, you are eligible for a return based on the manufacturer return warranty. Please call us for more information at 404-704-0444. 

If you purchased the wrong product:

We're happy to help you return it back to us. Unfortunately, if the product is opened or used we can not accept the return. To create an RMA for you to return the product, please call us at 404-704-0444. The shipping costs will not be covered on this one. :/ 

Final Sale Products:

All servers, PBXs, channel banks, gateways (analog or digital), software, service contracts and batteries are not eligible for return or refund. Defective products within these categories must be returned directly to the manufacturer, and we are happy and willing to make this an easy process. 

Return Instructions

Please follow the instructions provided on the RMA. Here is a quick overview. Products must be returned in the original box with the assigned RMA number clearly visible on the outside of the package. DO NOT write on or apply shipping stickers to the original manufacturer's box. 

If the RMA number is not visible and is lost in the return, the order will not be able to deemed for return. 

RMA Expiration

The RMA is approved for 15 days. Anytime after that, we will not be able to accept the RMA so please ship the product back as soon as possible. 

 All returns must occur within a 30 day period of ordering the item (this includes dead-on-arrival, no longer needed, etc). 

Sales: 404-704-0444

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 404-704-0444

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About Spectracom:

Our President founded Spectracom Group after spending eight years working on behalf of over 60 hospitals within the Telecommunication / Data arena. His focus during that period and now is to drive value by working closely with hospital leaders to implement technologies that improve efficiency, the employee experience, and ultimately the quality of care.

While Healthcare is our specialty, we support other verticals that include mobile workers such as Manufacturing, Retail, and Education. We have partnered with several leading manufacturers specializing in Wireless Infrastructure and Communication solutions including desktop, wireless and video platforms.

Aside from building out the solution, we also focus on integrating with other devices through standards based protocals (SIP) to deliver information through the best of breed devices and solutions.