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Polycom HDX 4500 Executive Desktop System (7200-09940-001) Description

Polycom HDX 4001 Executive Desktop System Features and Benefits:


Extending the benefits of Polycom® UltimateHD™ technology with premier conferencing at the desktop


  • Natural collaboration with either a 20.1 inch (HDX 4002) or 24 inch (HDX 4500) screen
  • High Definition - full HD up to 720p60 and 1080p30 (HDX 4500)
  • Realistic and personal conversations using Polycom Siren™22 and Polycom StereoSurround™ audio technology
  • Share CAD drawings, movies, images, spreadsheets—and more—all in native resolution


HDX 4500 Features and Benefits:


  • Enjoy the Polycom UltimateHD™ experience with HD Video, HD Voice, and HD Content
  • Incredibly sharp and bright screen and powerful stereo speakers, makes a perfect monitor for any desktop
  • A second monitor output (HDX 4500) allows system to be used in a variety of different offices and for many applications
  • High Definition video starting from just 512 kbps with standards-based H.264 High Profile
  • Privacy feature allows for connection of third party headset and microphone
  • Polycom Constant Clarity™ Technology gives users the best overall audio and video experience even with challenging network and environmental conditions


High-Definition Visual Communication

Polycom HDX 4001 system leverages decades of design innovation and the legendary quality of Polycom to deliver the premium desktop system for rich-media communication. With a 20.1” video screen, an acoustically superior stereo sound system and modern, streamlined design, Polycom HDX 4001 combines professional-level visual communication with full PC and Mac monitor functionality.

Built to high-definition-television (HDTV) industry standards, screen colors are vibrant, movements are smoother and expressions unmistakable. Polycom HD Voice technology, delivered through dual, built-in microphones, enables users to hear remote  participants’ voices in stereo, while advanced four-way speakers deliver astonishingly life-like audio. This results in making interactions with colleagues and partners, across campus or around the globe, more natural than ever. Polycom HDX 4001 also offer greater flexibility for conferencing, with an optional embedded multipoint feature that allows multiple locations to be brought online quickly and easily.

Content Collaboration Made Easier Than Ever

Polycom HDX 4001 also include powerful tools for content sharing. Presentations, graphics, spreadsheets and multimedia files can be incorporated into visual communication, facilitating collaboration and quicker decision making. Additionally, with Polycom People On Content embedded chroma key technology, the user’s image can be inserted into the foreground of the content and appear to be part of the presentation.


Polycom HDX 4500 systems require the purchase of a one-year manufacturer service agreement which includes next day parts replacement, 24x7 technical support, software upgrades and updates, and user training.


Model 7200-09940-001, 720009940001

Compatibility Guaranteed Fast And Courteous Service Replacement Guarantee Security And Privacy